The Quickening

Science Channel really kicked things off today – they produced a really nice show page with lots of preview material and some pretty pictures and everything.  Gawp at it here.

They also created a Hackett-themed, humpty-dumpty-meets-MacGyver puzzle game: it’s a picture of me that has been turned into a puzzle.

Can you imagine the meeting?

‘So I think we need to cross-promote Hackett and the puzzling crowd’ [unveils foam-core board with graphs on it], ‘Just as Hackett creates order from chaos on the show, so the viewers will create order from the chaos of the puzzle pieces…’

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a good puzzle, but a it’s a bit weird to BE one.  I am just hoping that all the kings horse and all the kings men can deal with it, so I can get on with other things.

Oh, alright then, since you ask, Stuck With Hackett premieres on Science Channel on Thursday the 18th of August at 10.30E/P.

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