Two Days Until the Stuck With Hackett Premiere

Only two days left! After a successful pilot last December, Stuck With Hackett will debut on the Science Channel at 10:30pm ET this Thursday, August 18th. Set your DVRs! Check out a preview clip from the first episode.

Leaving on a Jet Train
8/18 at 10:30PM e/p
Alone in an abandoned rail yard, Hackett is faced with an enticing challenge…taking the rusted old wreckage around him, and using it as a life-sized train set to build his own working locomotive. But he hits a hurdle when he runs out of the only available gasoline in the yard. Without access to modern fuel…or any help— Hackett turns back time and resorts to Victorian technology. In order to get his train on the tracks, he must wrestle steel parts several times his size, fire up a super-hot invisible hydrogen flame, and resurrect Industrial Revolution-era techniques to turn wood into an explosive gas that will power his personal locomotive.

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