Really Freaking Fast Food

The second of two-in-a-row episodes. This was the last one we shot. I abuse a machine shop to make fast food, Hackett-style.

Rage is my primary source of creative energy- when it comes to building art, writing, or ranting on the teevee. (This is the main reason why I do not smoke pot- it dulls my hate. Also, it would make hippies think we have something in common.). I hate consumerism. I hate cheap crap in all of its forms. I hate fast food.

As a result, this episode should be comedy gold. There are a couple of cool builds here- thermite for cooking, a french-fry machine made from a potato gun and a hot water heater- and I hurt myself, pretty badly, with a plasma torch. Like I said, comedy gold.

Really Freaking Fast Food
9/22 at 10:30PM e/p
Using discarded food from a Grocery Store dumpster, and a fully equipped machine shop, Hackett attempts to make his own fast food empire. Unable to use a conventional kitchen, Hackett has no choice but to use machine shop tools to prep and cook his fast food. To industrialize the French Fry making process, he uses an oversized potato cannon and a hot water heater. Without a heat source to cook his burgers, Hackett is forced to turn to science. Using an unconventional recipe of rust and metal, Hackett creates a 5000-degree fire to cook his burgers. All of this industrialization equates to one thing, a Hackett Burger Value Meal.

4 thoughts on “Really Freaking Fast Food

  1. Hackett, that fast food episode was hilarious. But I think you’re pulling a fast one on us, and sneaking a lot of social criticism into what is purportedly a lighthearted science show……you sly boots. I like it.

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